As you already know, Apple tends to be a big company in technology. Every user would love to use Apple products. But now it seems that Apple has entered the gaming industry. Apple makes good money through purchases. Few apps are so expensive considering the price issue. You would be shocked because apple had too many in-app purchases. Some people would buy it while some were not. But it is the choice of the customers. But did you know that most of Apple’s revenue will come from gaming than any other hard-core company like Nintendo? The company also makes good profits from gaming platforms. It’s hard to wonder why companies like Tencent made $32 billion in 2021 just through gaming. Follow More Update On


The number was growing by far more than any other company had products. When Pubg and League of Legends games have been released on the mobile platform. Many people had to download games and many will surprise because companies have finally focused on mobile phones instead of focusing on PC platforms. PUBG game was released in 2016 and within a short span of time, the company makes a good platform. Gamers love this game a lot and some even have live streaming of the game where many users got an idea of ​​how to play this game properly and what are its parameters.

How much company makes a profit from the gaming industry?

The company earns well and enjoys worldwide popularity. $32 billion is no small amount. This is a big number. There are so many companies in the market where that are generating a good amount of money like Rockstar Games, Ubisoft, Sony, and much more. Last year, Sony was second on the list with a revenue of $18.2 billion. he was mad. Not only this, consoles and Xbox earned millions. Looking at these numbers, it seems that people liked the game so much and they play them every time.

The number we mentioned above was 2021. This year the number will be higher. Microsoft and Nintendo have faced a problem in their sales due to the lack of chips and also the situation of lockdown. Everything happens suddenly. But they will cover this number next year. According to reports, Microsoft made $12.9 billion while Nintendo was down. It has earned $8.1 billion. Follow this site get to stay updated.


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