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Apple Changes Iphone Battery For Free For these Users Check Details & Eligibility


A piece of good news for the iPhone users who all are waiting to change their phone battery. Apple brings wonderful news for its users which will surely bring a big smile to their face. For some iPhone consumers whose battery is not working properly and they are facing issues related to their batteries their phone batteries could be changed for free of cost. Yes, you heard right the company Apple is planning to charge the battery for free but it could be going too easy the users need to follow specific steps for it and then the company will decide either the iPhone battery needs to change or not.

iPhone Battery Health: Everything You Need to Know

After following certain steps if the battery is supposed to change then the users can directly contact to Apple authorized service store or Apple Store for the battery replacement. Find the further details below regarding the replacement of the battery:- The issue which is occurring in the iPhone 11 series, the company finds that some handsets of the iPhone 11 series facing battery health and some other issues related to the battery.

The next question is what issue influencing iPhone 11 series, as per the company they identified that in some handsets the battery is draining unexpectedly and in a small number of occurrence, lessen the apex production capability. Now check which models are affected. All the iPhone 11 series models are in this category including iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Basically, all the models of these 11 series are lying in this category.

Apple trying to fix it with the launch of iOS 14.5, Apple has launched a fix for the bug that helps to increases the capacity and apex performance of the battery which surely will remove the complaints of the users which is related to the problem of battery. It will help to increase the battery backup. Now the steps you need to follow for updating your iOS are:- Firstly go to the settings app then click on that and you will come to General-just click on the update for the software which will pop on the screen then download the update and install it.

After the device will get updated to iOS 114.5 users will receive the message which proposes that the battery health reporting system on the handset is recalibrating. This process will take few weeks and the users need to wait unless they receive the message for the battery replacement. Now you must be wondering how will you get to know that your battery has been affected or not. To know that, The users will receive a message in which written that Recalibration of the battery health reporting system was not lucrative.

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