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Apna Time Bhi Ayega Written Episode Update 11th February 2021: Rajeshwari Accepts Rani With Open Arms


We are here with another “Apna Time Bhi Aayega” of 11th February 2021, written episode update. The episode starts with The family is leaving for the city and Dadi offers Shagun to Veer. Rani says Veer will not going to the city but he replies that he can study in the city also. Rani says to him she doesn’t want that, “the city will change your decency just like mine.” Dadi and Pinku give hug to Rani and she has tears in her eyes. And she leaves.

Apna Time Bhi Ayega Written Episode Update

Veer and Rani look tensed and Vikram tells them to bring tea. He later goes to Rani and apologizes for what he did to her. Rani expresses herself by saying that her nature is just like that only, she molded as per the situation. And she gives a reason why she accepts him back. Because he helps her family by return back her father’s shop, giving respect to her Dadi, you come back to take me with you, and so on. Veer replies mistakes might repeat in the future along with an apology.

Three of them reach home, while Rajeshwari goes angry and says why did he bring Rani here. Veer is about to say something but she interrupts him and says you went out of my orders. Rajeshwari calls all the family members to come together and she says that “I had welcomed your first time as you were our servant’s daughter, you were welcomed second time as the wife of my son but this time who are you.” Later she exclaims that  Rani that, “she too is part of their family.”

And we all accept you. The statement of Rajeshwari made everyone shocked along with Rani. Rajmata questions if she is sure? To prove herself Rajeshwari plays a Ghrah Parvesh ritual for Rani. Her actions make Vikram wonder “is mom is actually fine with Rani’s welcome as was the one who throws Rani out of the house.” Rajeshwari puts her bangles in Rani’s hand and blesses her.

While Rani says that she can’t handle such expensive bangles but Rajmata tells her to be ready to handle the whole house. Rajweshwari says to Rani that love has no price. Rajeshwari exclaims how she is gonna give all deserving rights to Rani as a daughter in law of the house since now. Watch the full episode on “Zee Tv” at 7:00 PM from Monday to Saturday.

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