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Apna Time Bhi Ayega Today Episode 27th August 2021 Written Update: Rani and Veer Romance!


Here we are with the written episode update of “Apna Time Bhi Ayega” of 27 August 2021. In this episode, we will ging to see that Veer is upset as Vijay doesn’t let him meet his dad. He is worried about how can he tell about the demand Vijaya to Rani Sa. As what she has been demanded is isn’t easy for Rani Sa to accept it. And he is sitting alone thinking about what to do and how to do it. But things aren’t easy to be sort.  Other than this we will be going to see that Rani cooks food and everyone is waiting for her to be days as they are hungry.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega

When food is ready there isn’t a spoon so Rani tells everyone a  traditional way to eating rice with their hands. Then they all will be seen trying this. It is gonna be fun for them. While the family is having dinner some of the ladies of a village are better there and they ask “what is being cooked here as it is smelling so yummy.” The family remains shocked when they see a village lady inside the house.  Then Rani tries to send them out from there.

After this, we will be going to see that Rani goes to Veer and she tries her best to make him calm. She talks to him and tells him to take a deep breath and think about what can we do to make things better for us. She says to him that ‘she is always there for him. Have faith in God we will going to ake the things sorted and better.” Later we will see that Veer tells everyone about the demand of Vijajya and they remain stunned to know about her demand. Rajeshpwari also gets worried and upset.

Now we will be going to see How Rani and veer will going to handle the worst situation they are going through. Whereas the whole family is gonna be together and they will be going to fight against Vijaya. In the upcoming episode, the audience will get to see the unity of the family and how they make the efforts to get back their property from Vijaya. Stay tuned to us by bookmarking our site and you can follow us to grab the written episode update of “Apna Time Bhi Ayega”. You can aecth teh full epiosde on ZeeTV and alos on Zee5 app.

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