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Apna Time Bhi Aayega Written Update 16th April 2021: Rani’s Kidnappers Exposed


We are back with the update of the serial “Apna Time Bhi Aayega” on 16th April 2021 for the entertainment purpose of the audience. The show is creating hype amongst the audience and the viewers love to watch the interesting twists in the love story of Veer and Rani. The show back to back creating new dramas in the story whenever the love story of Rani and Veer is about to start, new problems create hurdles in their relationship. Now let’s see what new problems are waiting in the life of Rani and Veer and how they are going to tackle them together.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega

One thing we can assure that today’s episode of the show is full of high voltage drama and a lot of twists is going to unfold so without wasting further time let’s begins with the update of today’s episode. The show begins with Dikvijay who is telling Birju for leaving the house but Birju denies leaving the house and says he did not do anything wrong and it’s the fault of Nathini and Jay. They both made the mistake and they have to give the answers to my questions.

Briju tells Jay for uttering the truth which he is sharing with Nathini about Rani but Jays says Birju is lying and he also misbehaved with Nathini, Vikaram supports Birju and says that Bijru is a nice person and he can not even imagine misbehaved with Nathini or any other girl. Nathini gets offended and asks Vikaram now you trusting him over than your sister and Birju does not even have a right to say anything to her. Vikram says to Nathini that I am not saying that you are lying but maybe you misunderstand him wrong.

Maybe he wants to say something important and you misinterpreted him. After this drama, Kumud makes the arrangement of the festival Gangaur. Kiara asks her what is she doing and then Kumud says she making this preparation for Rani. She wants to celebrate this festival as this is her first Gangaur after her marriage. On the other side, Veer is keeping fasts for Rani and for her well-being. He says they will celebrate this festival tomorrow and he believes that Rani will soon with him.


Veer prays from God and says please take care of my wife and hope she will come back soon and wherever she is please keep her safe. At the same moment, Vijay comes there and informs Veer that they traced the location of Rani and now they are going to rescue here. Jay gets stunned after hearing this and decides to shift Rani to another place. The episodes end here now will see how Veer is going to save her Rani and what he will do with Jay after knowing that he is the real kidnapper. To know this just wait for our next update but till then the readers can enjoy this episode of “Apna Time Bhi Ayega ” on the Zee TV channel at 7:00 PM and keep reading our articles to know all the updates of your favorite shows.

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