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Apna Time Bhi Aayega Today’s Episode Written Update 15th April 2021: Nandini Knows The Truth Of Virju


The episode begins with goons are teasing and harassing Rani and she uses to get nervous as well as scared but tries to keep herself calm.  The goons aren’t stopped and they keep on harassing her. While Rani uses to set her mind and she slaps a goon and asks them to leave her. A goon is about to hit her but he stops as his phone rings.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega

He gets the call from Nandini and she tells him that she is n trouble and his help as soon as possible. She informs him that she at the backyard of the house. He leaves by warning Rani. Jay reaches to Nandin and she asks him about his wish “what does he want?” Jay asks her to be clear and she tells that “I had given the amount to you and you gave it to that maid.” Jay gets shocked listening to her and the same lady comes there with the same bag.

Nandini asks him about the truth but he uses to lie by saying that “I have given this bag to her as she will return to you.” Nandini didn’t believe him but somehow he manages to make her believe his fake words and Nandini tells Champa to leave. Later Virju comes there and asks about what’s going on here as he overhears Jay and his conversation. Nandini gets stunned and tries to mold things and they get into heated arguments.

While they are talking to each other Champas overhearing their conversation hiding behind the tree. Later Champa uses to tells everything to Jay and tells him to stay altered if he wants to save his life. On the other side, Rajmata is missing Rani. And she also gets tensed about Rajeshwari.

Digvijay sits next t Raj Mata and tells her to have some patients everything will get well soon. Later Chanpa reaches to them and tells them that Vurju is harassing Nandini. This makes both of them shock and the episode ends here.

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