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Apna Time Bhi Aayega Today’s Episode 7th April 2021 Written Update: Rani Kidnapping Story


In today’s episode of ‘Apna Time Bhi Aayega‘ is all about the kidnapping chaos scenario in which Rani has been kidnapped by two impostors who entered into the house claiming themselves to be from the electricity department. Kidnapper states to kill Rani if Rajeshwari isn’t out of jail in the coming 24 hours thus Veer asks the kidnapper to leave Rani and Birju being with Veer calls out kidnapper and tells him not to hurt her in any way but the kidnapper being ruthless hurts her and cuts the call abruptly. Vikram says that we need to inform Dikvijay about this but Veer doesn’t agree with this suggestion as he claims that he is already worried about Rajeshwari so it’d be better not to update him about this fiasco. Veer finds out Rani’s broken bangles and her watch which made him emotional thinking about the special moments that he shared with her.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega

Birju starts questioning the in-house members of being involved in the kidnapping which made Kiara really angry as she yells at him with a follow-up comment by Vikram saying that you are being out of your senses for questioning us. Birju also states that Rani must be involved in the Rajeshwari’s arrest as the kidnappers did not ask for any ransom rather they have been asking to release Rajeshwari. While this all was happening Rajmata faints and with desperation, Veer asks Champa to bring her tablets.

While Rajeshwari being in jail wakes up as she hears other ladies snoring all around and started thinking that her family will get her out of the jail in some way. Veer promises Rajmata that he’ll bring Rani and Rajeshwari back home and will take care of everything and further tells her to relax and take care of her health. Birju spills out about the situation to the Rajavat family as he thinks that they can do anything to get Rajeshwari out of the jail but Kiara differs to agree with him and tells him that he shouldn’t have told about this to the Rajavat family.

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Veer gets frustrated with the members of the family stating that rather than fighting with each other, we should do something about the chaotic situation while being a strength to each other. Veer, Vikram, and Birju decide to go out together and find Rani. Veer receives a video call from the kidnappers where he is seeing beating up Rani which made Veer burst out in anger and tells the kidnappers to keep their filthy hands off her.


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