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Apna Time Bhi Aayega Today’s Episode 4 March 2021 Written Update: Rajeshwari Gets To Know The Truth of Nanthini


In today’s episode of Apna Time Bhi Aayega 4th, March 2021 starts with Veer and Rani who holds the bag together as both are returning back to the Raj Bhavan. Veer notices that Rani is looking at him and he asks her what is she wants to say. Rani thanks Veer for everything he has done for her and he has a huge kind and pure heart. In this reply Veer also thanks her for everything she did for Nanthini and now it’s time to divulge the truth in front of everyone.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega

But Rani is not in favor of this, she tells Veer that if they are going to reveal the truth of Nanthini in front of Rajeshwari then Rajeshwari will not be going to trust Nanthini anymore in the future. But Veer says he can not betray Rajeshwari and it’s her right to know the truth of Nanthini and we can not hide the truth for more days as one day everyone will get to know the truth for sure. Kiara heard the conversation of Rani and Veer and decide to flop the plan of Rani.

Inside the RajBhavan, Rajmata asks why Rani took the money without asking anyone. But Veer says that Rani did not take the money and he founds the money near the locker. But Rajeshwari asks Veer if Rani did not take the money then why she took the blame on herself but Veer tells everyone that Rani feels anxious and disappointing as Rajeshwari give her the big responsibility for the first time and she did not even take care of the responsibility in a good manner. But Rajeshwari tells Veer that she feels like you are hiding something and even you are not saying the truth.

Later on, Kiara informs Rajeshwari that she knows the truth. Rajeshwari asks Kiara what the truth you are talking about can you make it clear. Kiara informs Rajeshwari, Nanthini stole the money from the locker, not Rani and both Rani and Veer know the truth but they are hiding the truth in order to save Nanthini and Nanthini stole the money for Jay. Rajeshwari losses her temper and drags Nanthini in the hall, she slaps her in front of everyone. Rajeshwari insults Nandini and tells her that she is feeling very embarrassing while calling her daughter.

Both Veer and Rani come in shock at how Rajeshwari gets to know the truth and Veer comes in a pang of guilt as he breaks the trust of Rajeshwari. It is interesting to watch the next step of Rajeshwari what kind of punishment she is going to give Nanthini and how Veer is going to win back Rajeshwari’s trust. Stay with us for more such updates and watch the full episode of the serial on the Zee TV channel at 7:00 PM and on the Zee5 app.

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