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Apna Time Bhi Aayega Today’s Episode 30th April 2021 Written Update: Rani And Veer Came Close


The episode starts with Veer as he asks Vikram to take Kiara to the ocean, he will come later after finish some work. They both go from there. Veer thinks where is Rani now. On the other hand, Rani goes to the ocean and starts washing clothes there. Jai gets jealous to see them and says in his mind that whenever he gets a chance, he will turn the game opposite. Champa comes there and Jai gets shocked to see her and Champa also.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega

Vikram and Kiara reach there where Rani is washing the clothes. Kiara gets angry when she notices Rani is washing her designer dress. She reprimands her for destroying her dress. Rani says sorry to her but she doesn’t listen to her. Vikram also says to Kiara that she didn’t know about it. Kiara insults her very much.  Veer listens to their talks and says to Kiara that she was just trying to help her. Rani stops Veer and says it is her fault and apologizes to her. Everyone gets shocked when Jai takes Champa to them.

Jai says Champ can help Rani in household works. Champa gets confused to see everyone’s behavior and wonders why Kiara considering Rani as a maid. Kiara asks her to clean the room. Jai says to her that he will tell you where is Kiara’s room. Rani gets suspicious about Jai. Veer and Kiara go to take selfies. Vikram feels disheartened to see them. After that, Kiara asks if she can click their pictures. Rani does the same and goes. Champa asks Jai what is going on here. Jai tells her everything that happened in the past. He says to her that it is a good time for them to change the game in their favor.

Later on, Veer stares at Rani when she was playing in the ocean. She bumps into him, he holds her in a romantic way. Kiara comes there and asks Rani what is she doing here. She says to her got to her work. Vikram sends some pictures of Kiara to a spa. Vikram notices a necklace in Veer’s hand and starts teasing him. He says to him that he wants to say thank you to Rani,  whatever she has done for his family. Vikram says to Veer to spend time with Rani as he will take care of Kiara.

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