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Apna Bhi Time Bhi Aayega Today’s Episode 20th March 2021 Written Update: Rani Accident outside The Court


Here, we are back with the written update of the Zee TV serial named “Apna Time Bhi Aayega”. The episode starts with Birju as he tells Rani that he sees Ramadheer with someone. Rani questions him with whom he was in the market. But Ramadheer stands silent and doesn’t answer her question. Rani says why he is doing all this and for whom. She adds that does he care about his kids. Rani says she knows that like Ramadheer is innocent, Veer also not at fault and she will soon find the truth so that Veer can come from the bars.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega Today's Episode 20th March 2021 Written Update: Rani Accident outside The Court

Rani reaches the police station to meet Veer. He scolds her saying when he asks her not to come to the police station then why she is here. Rani says to him that she came here to see him smiling. Veer says now it is proved that Ramadher was innocent then why she is not spending time with him. Rani says she also knows he is not guilty. She adds, she knows he also refuses to take the lawyer’s help and all this was her dream. She awakens and says she has to save Veer at any cost. In the police station, one stranger attacked Veer. Somehow Veer succeeds to save himself from him.

After listening to some noise, the cops come to the cell and take that strange person out of the jail. On the other side, Rajmata gets emotional to see Rani as she is praying for her husband. Rajeshwari thinks whatever is happening is all because of Rani. She goes to him and asks if she remembers her promise. Rani says she will bring Veer out of the jail tomorrow. The next morning, Everyone reaches the court and the hearing starts. Judge questions about Veer’s lawyer. Vikram claims that he is going to fight for his case.

Rajeshwari thinks about how can he prove Veer innocence. Rani makes everyone understand that she knows he is not a lawyer but she has all proof to prove Veer innocence. Kiara also supports Rani. Rani proves when the accident took place, Veer is at his home and busy with his engagement ceremony with Kiara and shows everyone the clip. Later, Rani asks for permission to take everyone to the accident spot where she collides with an accident. Don’t forget to watch the episode of “Apna Time Bhi Aayega” on Zee TV at 7 PM. Stay connected with us.

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