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Apna Time Bhi Aayega Today’s Episode 12th March 2021 Written Update: Rajeshwari Throws Surprise Birthday Party


In the episode of Apna Time Bhi Aayega, 12th March 2021, the audience will be going to see the full-on drama in the show. The show begins with the father of Rani, everyone asks him to tell the truth. Rani asks his father to tell the truth and if today he is not going to say the truth it will be too late. But her father says what kind of truth you are talking about. He starts to look somewhere else and about to say something. He just utters the two words that night… but suddenly Rajeshwri comes there.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega

Rajeshwari says Ramo just say what you are saying that night? Tell the truth to everyone but he remained silent after seeing her. Rajeswari says Ramo just tell the truth your daughter is anxious. We want your daughter to leave her peacefully but for that, you need to tell her the truth. But Ramo remained silent and then the constable says now the time is over. Rani gives her swear to his father and begs to utter the truth but he remained silent and stare at Rajeshwari and then the constable takes Ramo away.

In the second scenario, Rajeshwari throws a surprise birthday party for DIL and invites the people to her house. Sanjay asks Rajeshwari about her plan and says no one thinks that what is in your mind but Rajeshwari says she does not what Sanjay is speaking about. He says that you know Veer starts liking Rani and then you meet Ramo at the jail and now the cases in the fast-tracked court. All these things cannot be just Coincidences. Rajeshwari says she does not care what Sanjay is thinking about herself and keep his allegations with him.

Sanjay asks her to not create problems between Rani and Veer but Rajeshwari says she will do whatever she wants and she leaves from there. Rajeshwari says today the gift will be larger than this celebration. She thinks that only the problem will be happening in her plan if Ramo changes his proclamation. Rajeshwari thinks can not loose easily. Veer comes to Rajeswari and asks what is happening in the house she says that she arranged a party for Rani and she is really anxious today and this celebration will make her happy.

And today is her first birthday in the Rajawat house, Veer gets very happy after hearing this and thanks to her. Rajehwari says she has made all the arrangement for Ramo bail but she can not be so sure and hope Veer will not going to be doubted. Veer says I know you did everything well for us and this secret will be going to remain secret forever and I will never be ruined our family reputation. Rani founds darkness inside the house and suddenly everyone pops up and shouts surprise and Happy Birthday to Rani. She gets so much happy and amazed.

It’s interesting to watch the next plan of Rajeshwari, so do not forget to watch the episode on the Zee TV channel at 7:00 PM or read all the upcoming episodes on our website.

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