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Apna Time Bhi Aayega, 5th April 2021, Written Update, Rani Is In Danger


Sunday is over and we are returned with the update of your favorite daily soap “Apna Time Bhi Aayega” on 5th April 2021. The show is going well and many twists and turns are currently featuring in the story of Rani and Veer which is highly liked by the audience. Whenever things start well in the life of Rani and Veer a new problem occurred every time. The viewers already watched in the previous episode that Rani knows the truth of the accident and Veer is trying to save Rajeshwari and that’s why he took all the blame on him.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega

But not only Rani who knows this truth but there is one more person who knows the truth but the identity of that person is still unknown. So let’s begin with the update of today’s episode the show starts with Dikvijay who is talking to Rajeshwari and saying why she hid this truth but now he knows it shows he will take care of everything and will not let her anything wrong with her. After Dikvijay leaves there Veer goes to meet Rajeswari and says he will investigate this matter and take her out from the jail as soon as he can.

On the other hand, Rani is crying and her father asks her the reason for her sadness and she says she is missing her Dadi and brother. Later on her father Ramadheer gets to know that Rajeshwari is behind the bars. In the meantime two-person kidnapped Rani. Whereas Rajmata thinks about Rajeshwari and reminisces about the incident of arresting Rajehsawari by the police. Kumud tells Rajmata to eats her food as after that she needs to take the medicine but Rajmata says she is not feeling hungry and she does not want to take the medicine and scolds Kumud.

Later on, Nanthini goes into the room of Rajamata and says she hates Rani and only because of her my mother is in jail and she will never forgive Rani for this. But Birju says it’s not Rani’s fault and Rajeshwari is the real culprit and that’s why she is in jail. Rajmata says both of them to shut their mouth and this is not the right time to talk about this. In the other scene, Rajeshwari who is in jail is feeling uncomfortable there and asks the constable to give her a fan. But constable rebukes her and says her to keep silent whereas other criminals in the jail are mocking her situation. Later on, everyone gets to know that Rani is kidnapped.

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The episode ends here, hope the readers enjoy today update and stay tuned with us for more such updates of your favorite shows but till then viewers can grab the episode of “Apna Time Bhi Aayega” on the Zee TV channel at 7:00 PM.


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