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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 25th August 2021 full episode written update: Veer surprised by the news of Rani’s pregnancy


Here we are with the written update of “Apna Time Ayega” of 25 August 2021. The episode begins with Rajeshawari and Rajmata both reach a village and they are standing in front of a big spec house. And the entire family is also there and they’re looking at the house as it’s not the type of house in which they use to be live. Meanwhile, the papers using the say she is Rajetwari along with her family, but why they are here, then another woman says that they might be her for the donation.”

Apna Time Bhi Aayega

Then use to move forward and Rajeshwaris feet stuck to cow dung. Then villagers use to help her by putting water on her feet. She gets irritated and this asks her more frustrated. But they have to love them as they don’t have in other option than this. She also gets to know that her drover is also lived here and she uses to react pon this her duty in law makes her calm and say to come inside a house. When she is moving forward a crow beats on her and then women of the village used to help her.

When the entire family entered that house their reactions are so irritating as there is no facility for them. But they must have to love here as they are facing the biggest issue. Later Rajeshwari uses to thank a man who helps them in such a problem and hard time. Rani uses to answer the question of his brother in law she says that “we all are together and we will soon be going to get our property back. As our family is our strength.” Then she uses to go and convenience Rakeshwari but she shut at her and tells her to be quiet and nit me a fool of anyone with your fake words.”

Rajeshawr put all the blame on Rani, but Veer stops her and say ‘you can’t blem Rani for all these things.” But Rajeshwari didn’t stop and Veer used to leave from there as he can’t listen to this much shit about his Rani. Later we will see that Veer is sitting alone and he is wondering about whatever happened to his family. Meanwhile, Rani comes to him and she tries to distract his mind by ordering him to fill water. After this Veer witnesses, a behavior of a lady, and then he stops her to do so. The epiosde emds here only.

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