Home Entertainment Apna Time Bhi Aayega 23 March 2021 written update: Kumud Questioned Rajeshwari

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 23 March 2021 written update: Kumud Questioned Rajeshwari


The episode starts with Kumud as she says to Rajeshwari and Rajmata that Rajeshwari is the reason behind Veer’s pain. Rajmata shuts her and asks her to go from here. She says sorry to them and moves from there. Rajmata and Dikvijay look at each other. Later, Dikvijay says to Rajeshwari that she should rest for some time. But she refuses it saying she needs much work to do. She gets tensed thinking that Rani will be looking for the actual culprit.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega

Veer comes to Rajeshwari and asks him why she is looking upset. He assures her that the truth will not come out. He asks him to believe him. She says to him that she believes him as he very well knows what the Rajavat tag means to them but Rani is new in this family. She says to him if he notices that Rani puts her life in danger to save him. Rajeshwari says that Rani is ready to do anything to find the real culprit. She says to Veer, even though she doesn’t long to reveal the truth but she never thought that he has to go behind the bars.

He asks her to trust him saying Rani won’t know the truth. She says Rani will find the truth one day and that day would be her last day. He says she knows that how much he love her so don’t take the stress. On the other hand, Rani is trying hard to find a real accuser. She tells Birju that she will get to know about the real accuser and not going to stop her investigation to find the accuser. She decides to search for the real accuser soon. Birju informs her that he gets a clue related to the matter. Rani leaves to meet Birju but she bumps with Veer while going to Birju.

Veer asks her if she is fine or not. Rani says she is better than before as she has treated by the best doctor. Veer gets to know that Rani didn’t have anything. He scolds her for not eat anything. He asks her where is she going. He says to her that she should rest instead of going here and there. She asks why can’t she go anywhere. He replies to her that she is weak now. Rani says she is going to find the accuser. Veer says that he will not let her find the reality.

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