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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 19th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Rani Trying to Take Out Veer From Prison


Another dramatic episode of “Apna Time Bhi Aayega” on 19th March 2021 is ready to entertain its audience with the high voltage of drama. The episode begins with the lead actress of the show Rani who is saying that she will be going to save Veer at any cost she was entered here as a daughter of Ramo but now the things are changed and she is the wife of Veer and it’s her promise that she will surely take out his husband from the prison.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega

All the members of Veer’s family are sitting at the dining table and discussing Rani’s father. Nandhini is saying now Rani father is more essential to everyone instead of his brother Veer. But Rani says she will do whatever she can but she will take out Veer from the prison for sure but Nandhini says to keep her mouth shut and she is not interested in listening to this crap. Rani says she has 1 day left and we have to find any solution to this.

Vikaram is with Rani and says we have to do something. Jai comes there and says how is that happen how Veer is in jail but Rani says to him shut his mouth as he does not like Veer at all so why he is showing his concern towards him now. But Jai says nothing is like that he was the companion of Veer and he also considered this family as his and he wants Veer to come out from the prison. Everyone is blaming Rani for the imprisonment of Veer whereas Rajeshwari thinks she has to do take out Veer from the bars.

Vikaram and Rani go to find out the CCTV footage of that place and in another scene, Veer is sleeping in the jail but the unknown person is making a conspiracy against Veer. He is saying to his companion that Veer was assassinated my brother not that butler and I want my revenge. I will be going to kill him now and I have a right to castigate him not the magistrate. But his companion says it’s not that easy as Veer is a big person but that unknown person says he does not care about this.

Rajeshwari goes into the room of Remo and Remo is thanking Rajeshwari for accepting his daughter and help her in her studies but Rajeshwari says and in this favour you sent Veer into the prison.Ramo says he does not know how has that occurred and Rajeshwari asks Ramo to help her for taking out Veer from prison. Ramo goes to the accident place and leave his some belongings in that place. Now the show again turns to the point where Ramo is again putting himself into prison in order to protect Veer.

When Rani is going to know the truth of this accident and how she will be going to save her father as well as his husband from the prison.To know the answer to this question the viewers need to watch the episode of “Apna Time Bhi Aayega” on the Zee Tv channel at 7 PM and read all the upcoming details of the show on our website.

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