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‘Apna Time Bhi Aayega’ 12th April 2021, Written Update, Nandani slaps Jai Singh


In today’s episode of ‘Apna Time Bhi Aayega‘ the first scene starts with a conversation between Veer and the kidnapper in which Veer tries to find a common ground by stating that even he wants Rajeshwari to get out of the jail and if he doesn’t give the injection to Rani then her condition will get really worse, kidnapper replies that he will let him know about the location and time and one of his guys will come to pick him up.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega

Ramadheer further asks Veer that if he saw Rani’s face but Veer being in hurry tells him to calm down and relax and leaves the house but got in shock when he saw Digvijay in front of him. He immediately asks Veer about Rani’s well-being. He questioned Rajmata by stating that she lied to him and what’s the need of doing that and further Rajmata states that Veer is already worried about Rani so she thought of not telling him about the messed-up scenario.

Rani is the daughter in law of Rajvat’s family and they are not understanding the seriousness of the whole situation, Digvijay conveys to everyone as he further states that he is going to call the police commissioner and sort everything out but Veer stops him stating that he is going to meet Rani as Vijay and his team is helping to find the whereabouts of Rani and we should trust in these times of desperation as he assures every family member that he will bring Rani home and no one needs to worry about the situation.

After he received the location and time he went there and the kidnappers tie him down and take him to the hideout, Nandini asks Jay not to harm Veer as he is involved in the kidnapping of Rani and he further replies that he won’t do such a thing as Veer is his brother, he further asks her to arrange an amount of 5 lakh rupees stating that he will return it to her pretty soon and he hangs up the call after that and left her in a dilemma of how to arrange the amount as she sees Kiara and thought that she can help me in this situation.

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Veer gets in a brawl with the kidnappers and Jay hits him from behind and Veer loses his consciousness, as he got stable again, he saw the kidnapper pointing a gun at Rani and he immediately apologizes to the kidnappers further stating that don’t punish Rani for my mistakes and Nandini further realizes that Jay has broken her trust.


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