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Anupama, Written Update, 9th June 2021, Jhilmil Call To Bapuji, Revealed The Secret Of The Real Villain’s Conspiracy!


Good Afternoon, readers hope you all are doing good and ready to know the next written update of the beloved daily soap “Anupama” of 9th June 2021. The story is currently is portraying a high voltage drama which is very fascinating to watch. The main character Anupama is returning back to home from the hospital after her surgery and everyone is excited to welcome her and they decorated the house and on the other side, Kavya is very much annoyed with this fact and she doesn’t like it that Vanraj is helping Anupama. Let’ see what new is going to happen in today’s story,


The episode begins with Anupama who lost her balance from the wheelchair and about to fall but suddenly Vanraj grasps her and gives support to her, Kavya watches it and gets annoyed and Rakhi notices the expression of Kavya and then she taunts her that Vanraj still loves his wife and your condition is the same as the previous one. Kavya goes to Anupama and asks about her health condition and in this reply, Anupama says I am fine. Kavya says get well soon so that you can see them off. Vanraj interrupts her and says where is Kavya going. Kavya says we both are going abroad for our honeymoon.

Baa gets frustrated and says don’t you feel hesitation while discussing your honeymoon trip in front of everyone. Kavya says sorry to Baa and says I want to discuss this trip with him but did not get a suitable time to discuss it with Vanraj as he always busy with family or with Anupama and he doesn’t have time for me. Then she asks Vanraj about the destination and says would be good to go to Switzerland.

Baa taunts her and says you did not seek Vanraj’s permission when she married him and now you are doing the drama of asking about the honeymoon destination. Baa further says you are such a shameless woman who is discussing your honeymoon trip in front of children don’t you think what they will think and feel embarrassed. Kavya retorts back to Baa and says what she can do now as the children’s father is also very shameless and running behind his former wife and then she asks Anu to get fine soon otherwise her health condition will spoil their honeymoon trip. The episode ends here just wait for the next written update of the serial till then watch this episode of “Anupama” on the Star Plus channel at 10:00 PM and stay tuned with us.

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