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Anupama Written Update 19th January 2021: Vanraj Bring Gift For Anupama


We are here on 19 January 2021 written episode update on the “Anupama” serial. Tonight’s episode starts with Baa commenting on Rakhi, Naagin comes with a milk bowl. Kinjal points to her mom why she brings a washing machine, Baa says Kinjal maybe you are the one who informs Rakhi about our washing machine is under repair. Meanwhile, Anupama interrupts by saying that I believe my daughters-in-law she can’t do so. On this Rakhi says it’s just a washing machine. Anupama denies taking Rakhi”s gift (washing machine).

Anupama 19th January 2021

Rakhi says to Anu that you could pay me money in yearly installments as I know you can’t afford it by your job. Meanwhile, Vanraj listens to Rakhi and warns her. He says that I can buy a washing machine for my wife. Rakhi reacts by saying “Vanraj gots back to his memory that Anu is his wife”, let’s distribute sweets. Vanraj asks Kinjal why did you tell about the washing machine to your mom. Anupama takes Kinjal’s side by saying that maybe Kinjal has overheard our conversation. Kinjal says mom’s intentions are pure. Anupma refuses to take the washing machine, which neither bothers Rakhi at all. Kinjal thinks that her mom’s intentions are genuine about the family, but they are overreacting on it.

Vanaraj comes out of the house and says to Rakhi that he is still alive to fulfill his wife’s needs and wants. Then Rakhi insults Kavya by saying that your boyfriend is not in your hands as nowadays he is showing concern for his wife. Kavya glares at her. Rakhi tells that “truth is always bitter” and people can’t handle it this why they give dirty look. Kavya quietly sits in a cab and calls someone.

Kinjal tells Toshu that she is noticing a soft behaver of mummy/Anupama towards Papa/Vanraj. As mummy didn’t react when papa calls her his wife. Toshu says it’s good for both of them.

The next day, Anupama sees a new machine thanks to Baa and Babu Ji. But they tell her that the machine is brought by Vanraj. She walks into the room and asks Vanraj why he is showing concern for her as there is no relation between us. He replies that she has a burden of work and he can’t see her like this. Anupama says, where is your concern before this. He says there can be a distance between life partners but not the difference. Anupama ended it up by saying “I am again repeating it that I’m not Anupama Vanraj Shah. I’m just Anupama”.  Keep following us for the written episode updates “Anupama”. Watch the episode on “Star Plus” at 10:00 PM Mon-sat.

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