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Anupama Written Episode Update 24th April 2021: Anu Found Vanraj


Here we are with a written episode update of “Anupama” on 24 April 2021. The episode begins with Anupama and Kavya sitting together and Kvaya asks tp her to call again to the same no. Anu tells her that she tried a call many times but the number is switched off. Kavya asks Anu Vanraj calls her, as I’m also waiting for his call. Anu tells her to be calm maybe he had tried to call you but your number wasn’t reachable.


And you don’t have to worry as I will not going to do the same you did to me. Samar and Nandini also reach there and they planned to go to that same villa where Abu and Vanraj used to stay to find Vanraj, Kavay says “I will also come with you”, but Anu denies taking her with them by saying “if Vanraj reaches here then who will be going to take the care of him.” Kavya agrees and says “please remember that you will not be going to steal Vanraj from me and Anu gives her a surety.

Later Au and Paraitosh reached that same address and started to search for Vanraj. on the other side Naniadin and Kvaya sat together and told. Nandini says “I don’t hate you but I only react to your behavior. Whuole Kvaya also says “even I feel the same and I only scold but it doesn’t mean that I hate you.”  Whereas Anu and Paritosh are confirming whether they are at the correct location or not. Anu and Paritosh find Preist but he is in cool attire and Anu is shocked seeing him lie this.

He says “I might not be in that white or orange attire but yes, I’m a priest.” And he takes them to the Vanaraj. When Anu sees him she started crying and Vanraj asks her who bring her here as I told the Guru Ji top not to tell anyone about my location. Then Anu says do you even know how much everyone is tensed for you. Babu JI, Baa, Samar, and Pakhi, everyone is crying and praying to god for your well-being.

Anu says to him that “I will not going to tolerate this behavior, you are not a kid as you ran away from your responsibilities. Do you ever think about how many family members are tensed and worried for you? Told I will going to speak and you have to listen.” And the episode ends here.


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