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Anupama Written Episode Update 21st January 2021: Vanraj’s Truth Revealed


Are you excited to find out what will be shown on the 21 January 2021 episode of “Anupama”, So, Let’s get the written update of tonight’s episode? In the last episode, we watched that Anupama went mandir. To worship Krishan Bhagwan. And Vanraj also went behind her. As he decided to confess his feelings for Anu. In mandir, Pandit Ji blessed both of them for their relationship. Then Vanraj said to Anu that now he will also perform a sindoor ritual. He took sindoor in his hands and about to fill it on Anu’s Maang but she stops him by holding his hand.


And from here tonight’s episode begins Anupama stops him from fill her Maang by saying “No”. She exclaims that he won’t have a right to do so as she does not allows him for this. Then Vanraj came back home and wonders about the words said by Anu. Those words hurt him a lot as he somewhere has an expectation that Anu will not stop him to fill Maang. He started to stare at both the houses and chooses to go towards Kvyas house while he is entering her house Anupama sees him and he also notices that she saw him.

So, let me tell you that this situation will create a misunderstanding in Anu’s mind that after listening no to her he again goes to the same track. In other words, she wonders that whatever he was doing is fake and he still feels for Kavya. But as we saw in the previous episode that kavya calls him and said she wants to meet him. She tells Vanraj that she has feelings for Anirudh and wants to give him another chance.

While he is wondering oy of the house Kavya sees him and calls him inside the house by giving a signal. This is why he goes into her house. Tonight’s episode will be filled with numerous challenges for Vanraj. We will see that Vanraj, Kavya, and Anupama, three of them are fighting with their feelings to get justice for what they feel. Maybe Vanraj doesn’t lose hope to get Anu’slove as this time his feelings are true for her.

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