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Anupama Today’s Written Episode 18th January 2021: Vanraj Express Love Feelings To Anupama


Are you excited to find out what will be shown on the 18 January episode of “Anupama”, so, why wait? Let’s get the written update of tonight’s episode. Anupama reacts happily to see the decoration. Vanraj asks Anupama that will you ask me, what I am expecting for? She replies yes? Vanraj mentions that I am expecting a Second Chance from you and tells all his wishes. Which surprises Anupama. Vanraj expresses his love for Anupama and tells her that it took time for him to realize love for her. Anupama gets emotional. 

Anupama Written Episode

In return, Anupama shows her love to him by the tears in her eyes. Vanraj says to her that after 25 years of our marriage I realize that How much I love you. Then he tells Anupama I am not forcing you to forget all the bad memories given by me, all he wants to know is whether she has some space in her heart for him. Then both look at each other lovingly. Anupama tells Vanraj that she used to hate him a lot but there’s a day when she felt love for him. Vnrajs imagination ended up when Toshu comes with ice-cream.

At night Vanraj decides to express his love tomorrow to Anupama. In next morning, Vanraj came out of his room and about to say something to Anupama but Samar interrupts them and takes his mother to school, but Samar’s bike has some issues. After this Vanraj says Samar can drop Anupama in my car.

In the next phase, you will see Kinjal and Toshu’s romance. Samar gives a gift to Nandini. She asks why is he gifting her anything? Smar replies, in friendship we do not need a reason for gifting. It’s a book in the gift. She says you know that I don’t like to read books. He tells her that even I don’t like reading books, but we all must read this book. She put’s a question of what is so, different in the book. Samar replies how to stay happy. Nandini says to Samar why he thinks so that I need a book. He tells her that I want her to forget her past, move on, and live happily. 

Rakhi offers a new washing machine to Anupama, but she refuses to by saying they don’t need it. Meanwhile, Kinjal comes and says why Rakhi takes her mother inside. Stay tuned with our site to grab the latest episode written update of “Anupama” watches it on Star Plus at 10:00 PM Mon-sat.

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