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Anupama Today Episode 3 May 2021 Written Update: Vanraj Anupama Divorce Date Fixed


Here we are back with the written update serial named “Anupama”. The episode begins with Anupama as she says she doesn’t know that how much time he has. Adi says to Kavya to calm her ager on the ball and handover her a bat. Kavya angrily hit the ball. Vanraj notices them and catches the ball. Kavya says sorry to him and says that she doesn’t that he was standing there. Adi says that he is feeling very happy to see Anupama’s smiling face. Vanraj and Kavya start fighting in front of him. He asks them to fight in their personal space.


Adi says to Kavya that she should control her anger as the anger can make her ill. Vanraj gets worried to hear Samar’s stressed sound calling mummy. Vanraj runs towards her and asks why he shouts so loud. Samar informs everyone how Anu falls down from the tree. Baa says that Anupama goes to bring mango for her. Vanraj reprimands her and says someone else could be plucked mangoes, asks him to do it. Anupriya says she thought he would not help her like before. She says she will have to learn to do work on her own.

Kavya comes there and says she will not have mango juice and went to her room. Nandini says she will help Anupama. Samar also goes to the kitchen. Baa asks Vanraj that Anu is fine and he should just build her confidence. Anupama washes mangoes and gives them to Nandini and asks her to keep them in the kitchen. Anu goes to bring milk for mango juice. Samar makes a kissing smiley on mango and says thanks to Nandini for everything she did for his family. Samar kisses her and goes from there.

Anupama comes to the kitchen and gets amused to see that mango. Samar looks for Nandini and holds Adi by mistake. He says to him that he thinks it’s Mamaji. Adi asks Samar and Nandini about their relationship and they both admit that they fall for each other. He asks some questions to them. Samar asks him why he is asking so many questions. Adi says he wants to see the spark of their relationship. Anupama and Vanraj spend some good in the kitchen together and decides to get Samar and Nandini engaged. You can watch the latest episode of “Anupama” on Star Plus at 10 PM. Stay connected with us.

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