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Anupama, 9th April 2021, Written Update, Happiness Comes In Anupama Life!


The wait is over, we are back with another update of the most beloved show among every age group of spectators “Anupama” on 9th April 2021. The show is creating hype among the spectators with its astonishing script which give all kind of elements including emotional, comedy and of course a high voltage of drama. So without wasting further time let’s begin with the update of today’s episode, the episode begins with Samar who is thinking about the divorce of his parents. He is feeling bad but couldn’t understand this feeling as he always wants her mother to be happy and her freedom which she never got in this relationship.


He is also worrying that may his father persuade his mother not to sign the divorce paper. When he thinking about all this, Nandini goes to his room and after seeing her Samar feels very much happy and relaxed and he hugged her. Then he asks her why has she come here and in this reply Nandini says she was worried after spoke to him last night and then she came here to check if you are fine or not? He became emotional and says thanks for caring for him.

On the other side, Rakhi and Baa are very much happy after thinking that Kinjal is pregnant and they are going to become grandparents soon. Rakhi makes a video call to Anupama and shares the pregnancy news with her. After hearing this news Anupama gets very much excited and says his son is going to be a father soon and it’s the best news she heard today. Rakhi says after the pregnancy test they will confirm the news. Anupama says Vanraj will also going to be very happy after hearing this news but Rakhi says he will not like to listen to himself as a grandfather.

Anupama says he will surely going to happy, whereas Baa thinks hope this news will come true and they all are thinking to inform Kinjal about her pregnancy but Kinjal already hears their video calling conversation and hurriedly goes to her room and starts weeping. In the other scene, Nandini and Samar are romancing with each other and dancing to the Bollywood song. Both are saying I love you to each other. On the other side, Kavya cars break down in the middle and thinking about calling somebody for her help. In the other scene, Anupma talks to Kinjal through a video call and makes her to understand the responsibility of the baby but Kinjal says she right now she only wants to focus on her career and she and Toshu are not thinking about the baby at this early stage of their career-making.

Today’s episode ends here, we will soon back with another update of the show. Till then the readers can read our other updates of their favourite shows or can enjoy this episode of “Anupama” on the star plus channel at 10:00 PM.

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