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Anupama 8th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama and Vanraj Brings Kavya Home!


Are you excited? To find out what will be shown on the 8th March 2021 episode of “Anupama”, So, Let’s get the written update of tonight’s episode. The episode brings with Vnaraj comes back from the trip and he thought to meet Kavya first then he wonders she might get on her bed for sleep. Later some stalkers use to reach Kavya’s home. And they use to eve-teasing her she shouts for help. Vanraj calls Kavya from Landline he hears some strange voices which made him tensed.


Anu and Vanraj reach Kavya’s home and found her in a bad condition she tells Anu that “Stalkers were molested her”. Anu and Vanraj use to bring her home. Later Kinjal, Smar, and Toshu use to know that something is wrong with Kavya so Toshu uses to read her messages on Vnaraj’s phone. Later Kinjal calls all the family members to share the news with everyone about Kavya. On the other side, Vanraj uses to asks what happened with Kavya but she seems depressed.

Kavya later tells everything Vanraj and she cries a lot by hugging him. She uses to say that” I called you but didn’t get any replay.”  Listening to her Vanraj gets stunned and while Anu says that “it’s not her mistake at all.” Whereas Kavya tells them that she tried a lot to save herself from the stalker but it wasn’t easy and she gets unconscious. Kavya now at Vnraj’s home and seeing her condition everyone gets upset for her whole baa says to call a doctor for her treatment.

Kavya and Vanraj having a convo meanwhile Kavya use to hug him. On the other side, the drama regarding Kinjal and Nandini has been about to start but Smar uses it to handle the situation. Kavya says to Vnaraj to get married to her, so, that none can molest her again and she can feel safe and live her life without any fear. Where Vnaraj uses to tell her to stay strong and calm. Kavya says she can’t leave like this and want to get married soon to him.

While Baa overhears her words and tells Anu that she might still create problems in their house as she uses to do it before.  stay tuned with our site to grab all the latest episode written updates of “Anupama” so, don’t forget to watch the full episode on Star Plus at 10:00 PM Mon-sat.

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