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Anupama, 8th June 2021, Written Update, Vanraj slaps Kavya!


Hello readers, hope you all are doing good and excited to know the written update of the most popular serial “Anupama” of 8th June 2021. The story is currently featuring a high voltage drama and the watchers love to watch it. The main lead Anupama successfully connected the audiences with its character and they feel connectivity with her and have sympathy for her. A lot of troubles are continuously coming into her life and she beautifully dealing with them without taking the help of anyone. Let’s check what new problem is arriving in her life and how she is going to deal with that.


Begins with the update of today’s episode the family members of Anu are decorating the chalet for her to welcome her in the house after the discharging of the hospital. Baa is very much excited and asks Samar to check if they left the hospital yet or not.  Kinjal tries to call her but he is not taking the calls and then she informs this thing Baa. On the other side, Kavya is looking for Vanraj and tries to calls him but he is also not picking the calls.

Rakhi comes there and mocking her by saying that if there is any contest is going to be conducted in which the husband needs to run away from his mate then my Samdhi will surely attaining the gold medal and gives her Kheer bowl back. Kavya looks outside and sees there is a flock of crow is eating the Kheer then she asks Rakhi if she threw away her sweet. Rakhi says I did not eat Kheer and I don’t want to kill myself by eating your made kheer.

Kavya gets angry and says she is giving anathema to Rakhi in her mind and in this reply, Rakhi says even I am doing the same. Rakhi asks her where are Vanraj and Kavya says maybe he is gone to see Anupama and Rakhi says why don’t you stop him to go there. Kavya says he didn’t inform me and when I came back to the room he is not in the room. Rakhi says how can you give up within one day. Kavya replies to her she is quiet because Anu is not well and when she is going to be fine, I will take my husband from this place.

Nandini hears their conversation and says her dreams will not going to fulfill as I am also coming in the same house and I will not let you win in your evil plans. The episodes end here we will see tomorrow what next is going to happen in the story but till then watch this episode on the Str Plus channel at 10:00 PM and stay tuned with us.

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