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Anupama, 7th April 2021, Written Update, Pakhi Regrets Her Bad Behavior With Anupama


Here we are with another written episode update of the serial “Anupama” on 7th April 2021. The episode begins with Pakhi use to remembers the love she is getting from her parents. Meanwhile, Kinjal comes to her and asks her don’t she want to sleep? Pakhi replies I’m missing Mumma. Kinjal says “play I understand you are missing her as she is not here with you”. Pakihi says no I’m missing here as she will not going to leave with us in this house and I’m worried too.


Pakhi tells how she is regretting her behavior with Anu. She says that “I will going to miss each and everything about maa.” On the other side, Anirudh asks Kaya whether she actually wants to get married to Vanraj. She says of course I will as we both love each other. Anirudh says then why are you gettings tensed and secure if you know Vanraj loves you. Kavya says why not as he is with Anupama. Then Anirudh says “we also know each other and spending time together so are we wrong?”

Hence I tell you that you have to accept Vanraj with his family only then you will succeed. Kavya trust in your loved one. Let Anupam abadas Vabraj be them. And I’m always here for you as a good friend.  On the other hand, Pakhi is feeling bad for Anupmma as she never gets the respect she deserves. Later Baa tells that “I wish lockdown will continue for long so, that Anupama and Vanraj get more time to spend together and they realize each other’s worth. Rakhi says I have to stay here only as it lockdown outside.

She asks about the room with Air Conditioner hence Baa replies “we have AC in the guest room. You will gonna become an ice cream in the morning.” Later while the discussion is going on the notice is someone standing outside the room. Whereas Rakhi is in Baa’s room where she is getting irritating due to mosquitoes. Rakhi goes out to take a water bottle and she saw a lady who tries to enter the house.

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She uses to shouts and when she turns mama Ji is standing there. She asks him what is he doing here. Mama ji uses to make her irritated. And he talks to a strange lady but not aware of the fact that she isn’t Rakhi. Kinjal on the other hand missing Anupama. The episode ends here. Watch the full episode on Star Plus at 10:00 pm from Monday to Saturday.


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