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Anupama, 6th September 2021, Written Update, Samar & Anuj Met With An Accident!


Hey lovely readers, we are back with another astonishing update of “Anupama” on 6th September 2021. The serial is currently on its edge and featuring a high voltage drama for providing amusement to the audience. One after another many twists are coming in the Shah family but they are patiently handling all the problems. In the upcoming episode, viewers are going to see a Janmashtami celebration and of course a lot of drama. Due to its different storyline, the serial is on the top of the TRP rating and receiving immense love from the side of audiences. So, instead of wasting time let’s directly start the written update of today’s episode.


The episode begins with Anupama who is talking to Baa and showing ingredients to her and suddenly Bapuji comes there and starts flirting with Baa. Baa scolds him and Anupama gives them the compliment that after the Jodi of Kanhaji and Radhaji, Bapuji and Baa Jodi are best. Vanraj and Kavya come thereafter to their workout and asks them if today is Janmashtami and she will play the role of Radha for Vanraj.

Vanraj says this act is for kids not for us but Kavya gets annoyed and says he never felt hesitation when he enacts Kanha for Anupama but when it’s my turn you are refusing it. Anupama asks her to not to say things but Kavya says she doesn’t know she will going to play the role of Radha and that’s final. Anu gives the suggestion that it is Kinjal’s first Janmashtami after her marriage and Nandini will have become the Bahu of this house soon.

So all the couples are going to play the role of Radha and Krishna and Pakhi will play the role of Gopi. Kavya makes fun of Anupama and says at this age she will play the role of Gopi, what will she enact then. Later on, Anupama shows Baa, Kavya, Pakhi, and Kinjal the material to make the caps of Kanhaji. Nandini expresses her concern for Samar since Rohan returned. Samar goes to meet Rohan and asks the reason why wanted to meet him. Rohan says he returns from the USA as Nandini was in touch with him.

He further says she used to give replies to his messages and he was aware of the fact that he made a huge mistake to leave her alone after her accident and left her like this way but their relationship did not end and there was just a pause. He says don’t know how she is close to you but I was very closed to her and she used to visit him every week in the US. That’s all for today we will soon be back with another update till then watch this episode of “Anupama” on the Star Plus channel at 10:00 PM and stay tuned with us.

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