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Anupama 6 May 2021 full episode written update: Kinjal breaks silence, Kavya’s disgusting truth in front of Anupama


In the first scene of the episode, Vanraj is having a conversation with his lawyer and Kavya is getting angry hearing the conversation between them after which she picks up a stone and tells him that her excuses are never going to end and he needs to her with the stone and end for once in for all as he tells her that she needs to stop with her nuisance after which she asks that why was he telling the lawyer to cancel the divorce.


If Anu gets well to which he says that the engagement of Nandini and Samar has a possibility to get postponed for about 2-3 days and further states that the same cannot happen for him as he desperately needs to get divorced from her and he started warning her to not to dictate him as he states that he already is going through stress with Anu’s illness and also with the engagement of Nandini and Samar as he further states that nobody has any idea about how to deal with the situation and this is the reason that he not at all interested in putting up the family with another tension in their bag.

In the next scene, you will be seeing Nandini and Samar arm wrestling with each other and Nandini wins over him as Samar says that being together is so much fun and Baa starts crying as she states that she knows why is everyone is here to which Anu replies that the reason is pretty depressing but still one good thing that has happened is that everyone is together as everyone’s life did come to halt because of the illness but they concluded by saying that they cannot let this illness overcome them as they claim that defeat is not an option for them and they are going to find and scratch out every bit of happiness that they can is these sad times and all of them realized that the importance of family is huge and they have been running behind a fake world who are all about pretending to be happy.

Vanraj returns to the cottage frustrated with whatever has been happening but his mood gets better as he sees everyone together enjoying each other’s company as a song starts playing in the background as they are making a puzzle and state that just like the puzzle is incomplete without a piece, the family is incomplete without Anupama.

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