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Anupama, 4th June 2021, Written Episode Update, Kinjal To Reveal Secret!


The episode begins with Rakhi as she says to Leela that she has to perform the rituals with Vanraj and Kavya. Leela says that she doesn’t consider her as her daughter-in-law. She adds that Rakhi doesn’t need to give her lecture as she was against Paritosh and Kinjal’s marriage so she didn’t give them blessings also. Anupama tells Shahs that she is going. Kavya asks her to stop and shows her Mangalsutra of her. Kavya tells her that today she understands that a woman is incomplete without Mangalsutra. Anupama replies that a wife is not complete without Mangalsutra, not a woman.


Anupama adds that only when she has taken off her Mangalsutra, she is able to wear it. Rakhi says that Anupam’s words are a little harsh but real. Everyone gets shocked and Anupama leaves the place. Later, Kavya asks Leela to accept her as a daughter-in-law but Leela didn’t listen to her. She refuses to accept her. Kavya says sorry to her saying that she should not behave rudely with them. She also says that she was in anger as Vanraj was missing so she raised her voice. She says that she is not that bad.

Rakhi also tries to make her convince to accept Kavya but Leela says to her that if she likes Kavya that much then why doesn’t she take her to her house. Kavya enters the house along with Vanraj. Hasmukh gives his blessing to them when they come to her. He tells Vanraj that he came here to give them a blessing now he will stay in Anupama’s place. Vanraj tells him not to go. Leela also accompanies Hasmukh. Kavya says to them that one day, she will earn their hearts. Kavya says in her mind that is this good family is leaving Vanraj. Everyone leaves Vanraj’s house.

Anupama gets shocked to see everyone on her doorstep. They enter the room. Kavya consoles Vanraj saying she will always be with him. Vanraj goes from there. Rakhi again comes to Kavya and says to her that she is happy that Shah has gone from here. Kavya agrees and thinks that she needs to look after Vanraj. She says that she will think later about Shahs. Hasmukh tells Anupama to bring tea for him. She says she will tea, cold coffee for her kids, and coffee for Dolly. Rakhi comes and asks her for black coffee. Vanraj and Kavya have an argument. Don’t miss this upcoming episode of “Anupama” on Star Plus at 10 PM till then stick with us for more updates.

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