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Anupama 29th July 2021 full episode written update: Vanraj close the doors of the cafe for Kavya!


The episode begins with Anupama as she is praying in front of God. Kavya comes and searches for the newspaper as the review by Mansi is about to come in the newspaper. Anupama takes the newspaper but Kavya snatches it from her hands. Vanraj and Kavya see the reviews and get shocked as Mansi gave only 2 stars to the cafe. Kavya gets mad at Anupama for getting bad reviews. Vanraj throws the newspaper in anger. He gets angry at Kavya for accusing Anupama. He says that Mansi clearly wrote that she loved the dishes made by Anupam but the cafe owner was annoying. Kavya remains silent.


Hasmukh tries to favor Kavya but Vanraj stops him and asks him not to take her side. Meanwhile, Samar gets a message from one of his friends and gets amused. Vanraj says now what’s the bad news. Samar goes to switch on the TV and tells everyone that a blogger is promoting “Leela Ka Cafe”. Anupama identifies the girl and says it’s Kavya who came yesterday to the cafe. In her vlog, she has been seeing saying to her fans that yesterday she went to the cafe as a normal customer where she got amazing hospitality from Anupama. She praises her food and also mentions Samar and Vanraj’s music session.

After seeing the vlog, everyone seems happy and excited. Samar wishes Anupama for her good work. Nandini tells that now Mansi’s review doesn’t matter. Kavya gets angry and goes from there. Ahead, Kavya and Vanraj talk to each other, Vanraj says to her that he knows that she is feeling jealous of Anupama. Kavya refuses and tries to instigate him against Anupama. She says to him that from when he will take favor of Anupama and asks him to do something on his own. Vanraj thinks about her words. Samar then praises Anupama who says to him that maybe Vanraj didn’t like the review. Samar says that nothing is like that. She tells him that she can feel it.

After that, Leela offers sweets to Vanraj as they got a good review. Vanraj says that first Anupama deserves this sweet as whatever he got just because of Anupama. Samar also feels the changed behavior of Vanraj. Here, Paritosh is excited about shifting in the penthouse but Kinjal denies shifting there. She decided to come penthouse every weekend. Paritosh gets angry and says whether they both will stay there or else only he. Anupama talks to Vanraj about his rude behavior to which Vanraj says that he doesn’t want more favors from Anupama. Watch the full episode of “Anupama” on Star Plus at 10 PM.

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