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Anupama 29th April 2021 Latest Update Written Episode: Samar and Vanraj Tries to Make Anupamaa Happy


Hey readers, hope you are excited to know the written update of an upcoming episode of your beloved show “Anupama” on 29th April 2021. The show is constantly on the top of the TRP ratings and doing well in terms of entertainment. The show is creating numerous twists and turns and the spectators enjoy all these. So let’s see what new is cooking in the upcoming episode of the show, the episode begins with Vanraj who is weeping and holding Samar. Samar says to his father that in order to see the happiness of Anupama he has to give divorce her as it is the only way to make her happy in her life.


Samar continues to say he first ready for the divorce then he refuses it and then he flew away he should stop doing this with her and it’s making things more complicated in her life. Vanraj remained silent while listening to all these but then he says to him we should think about the things which are necessary instead of divorce and we have to keep Anupama happy as much we can as we do not know how much time is left in her hand.

Samar says yes you are right and we have to make mummy happy and then Vanraj says the first step to making her happy that we need to conceal her sickness from Anupama but Samar is not in favour of this and he says how long they will be going to conceal this. One day she will get to know the truth but Vanraj says we have to conceal this and from today downwards her each day will be the best day of her life and we will do all possible things to make her happy. Both get agrees on this.

Samar goes to her mother Anupama and tries to make her happy and he started to act like a doctor and her mother enjoys this act and says his sons’ presence makes her happy and she will fine soon as her sons are near to her. Vanraj overhears their conversation and thinks he always give pain to Anupama but she always tries to make him happy and her happiness is within the family and now he will do all the possible things to make her happy.

Samar gives another surprise to her mother as he takes her mother in a house and tells her that this house is yours and now only your order will be applicable in this house. Anupama feels very happy after watching the nameplate in which her name is written and then she remembers the words of Samar in which he once told her that he will soon present her a house. Both Samar and Vanraj are trying hard to make her Anupama happy as much they can and we will see tomorrow what further steps they will going to take in order to make her smile. Till then enjoy this episode of ‘Anupama” on the Star Plus channel at 10:00 PM and do not forget to read all the upcoming details of your favourite shows on our website.

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