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Anupama 28th July 2021 Written Update: Vanraj Got Furious After The Rating of The Cafe!


The episode begins with Kavya as she questions Anupama that how she decides to come. She tells her when she asked her to come so she denies it. Then she says that Vanraj must be called her. Vanraj says that he didn’t. Hasmukh and Leela also say that they didn’t call her. Then she says that how she came. Anupama tells everyone that Samar is the one who invited her. A flashback shows in which Samar says to Anupama that how can she bring personal fights in a matter of cafe when she very well knows that how important cafe is for them this time.


Samar says that the whole Shah family is connected and attached to this cafe. Flashback ends. Kavya tells Anupama to handle the kitchen and she will handle Mansi. Anupama says to Kavya that she will charge for this help which shocks Kavya. Then Anupama tells her that she will charge 500rs per hour. Kavya gets angry hearing her but also pays her in advance. Anupama handles the kitchen along with the chef and Leela. Anupama says sorry to Leela as she is charging for helping Vanraj. Leela tells her that she did right.

Here, Kavya greets Mansi and shows her the cafe. She says to Mansi that the whole credit goes to her only as she decorated the cafe. Everyone stands shocked. Anupama made dishes for Mansi and presents them in front of Mansi. Kavya serves her. Some other customers also demand the same dishes made by Anupama but Kavya refuses to give them. Anupama serves them and everyone likes the dishes. Meanwhile, Sarla who is Leela’s friend came. Kavya feels irritated. Then, Leela’s friend Sarla asks Vanraj to sing a song. Vanraj tells that there is an open through which the customers can sing and enjoy.

Sarla says to him that he is also a good singer. Leela also asks him to sing so he asks Samar if he has his guitar with him. Samar says yes. Vanraj and Samar sing together. Vanraj sings the song and Samar tunes the guitar. After that, Mansi asks for the picture along with the owner of the cafe. Vanraj poses with Mansi and Kavya as well. Vanraj asks Mansi about the review of the cafe. Mansi asks him to wait. Kavya says to Vanraj that everything went well so not to worry about anything. Vanraj says thanks to Anupama. You can catch the latest episode of “Anupama” on Star Plus at 10 PM.

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