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Anupama 27 March 2021 written update: Anupama Enjoy Holi Along with Shah Family!


We are back with the written update of the Star Plus serial named “Anupama”. The episode begins with Vanraj as he is in his room and resting. He plans to watch shows on TV. Anupama comes to his room and asks her to open the door. Anupama says she came to give him oil. He says he is not going to play Holi. She says to him that Sweety will apply the colours on him. He says he will not play Holi with Pakhi as well. She says what if she applied colours forcefully on them.


Anupama 27 March 2021

Later, Anupama again asks Vanraj to take oil to apply to the body but he is not ready to take it. She says if Kavya wants to play Holi with him. He says he will not play Holi. She says her six senses are saying that he is going to play Holi. Vanraj says that her six senses always prove right and thinks if he takes it or not. On the other hand, Samar asks Nandini to apply oil, they both share a moment together. Samar says this is the last time they are playing Holi as boyfriend and girlfriend. Nandini looks at her confusingly. He says they will celebrate Holi next year as a married couple.

He wishes Holi with applying colours to her. They both got lost in each other eyes. Two guys listened to their conversation and decide to disturb all the ladies of Shah house. On the other side, Kavya is planning to celebrate Holi with Vanraj. Shah family worships Holi and starts playing Holi with colours. Anupama wishes everyone by applying colours to them. After that, the whole shah family starts celebrating Holi. Rakhi and Kavya taunt each other. Kavya says to her that one day everyone will accept her as a daughter in law.

Later, Pakhi asks Vanraj to play Holi with him but she denies it. He asks her to go from here. In the celebration, Samar notices that two boys. Rakhi mixed something into Kavya’s drink but Anupama takes that drink and starts behaving strangely. Vanraj is enjoying the food which Anupama prepared for Holi. Anupama decides to celebrate Holi with Vanraj. Nandini and Samar romances. Don’t forget to watch the episode of “Anupama” on Star Plus at 10 PM. Stay tuned with us.

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