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Anupama 25th March 2021 written update: Anu Gets Emotional


Here we are with a written episode update of “Anupama” on 25 March 2021. The episode begins with Samar and Nandini use to talk to each other through eyes and compliment each other. Vanraj sees Kavya. When Vanraj comes Pkahi uses to ask him about Rangoli. Vanraj says the Rangoli is looking beautiful. Vanraj questions Samar about his and Nandini’s relation to stopping it. But Samra denies and taunts Vanraj to reject Kavya.


Dolly is also here and she tells Kinjal and Shah that Vanraj Bhai scares to use colors. Kavya and Nanadani enter the function and Pakhi gets upset seeing Kaya here. Anu uses to make her stand to stay calm. Baa taunts Kavya indirectly. She says Anu will read the Holika Dehan Story but everyone says we know the story so, skip it. While Baa says “someone is here who actually needs to listen to this story.” Kavya gets irritated with Baa.

When the story ends Baa says “it’s not only a story, there is a moral that you needed to trash your anger.” But Kavya standing there use to 7wonder “I won’t trash my anger but keep it to take revenge from you all. And Holi rituals have been completed by Anupama. All the family members are happy. Vanraj’s hand gets burn and Anu rushes to fetch ice cubes and rub them on the burning area. While Kavya comes later to look after Vnaraj.

Anu scolds Vanraj while he is liking this behavior of Anu. Kavya uses to help Vanraj but Pakhi snatches the first box from her and says I can also help Papa. On the other side, Samra uses to dance along with Nandini and enjoying the environment. alter Anu gets emotional. kavya goes to Anu and says “I know you’re just trying to come in everyone’s good books. But I’m waiting for the day when you and Vanraj get divorced I will go to live in this house.”

Anu keeps quiet and leaves from there. Then she goes to Baa and tells her how she used to play Holi before. But Baa stalls her that you will definitely go to play Holi as you want. Babu Ji says “if the husband doesn’t like to do anything then-wife also leave this thing whether she eagerly wants to do it.” Pakhi overhears them and gets angry. And everyone uses to plan for the Holi celebration. Watch the full episode on Star Plus at 10:00 pm from Monday to Saturday.

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