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Anupama 23 June 2021 full episode written update, Geeta caught red-handed, Secret revealed in front of Anupama!


The episode begins with a maid sleeping meanwhile Anu comes to her and she tells her to wake up and sleep in the Angan area but she answers Anu r0udelely after which there is a huge drama begins. Baa and other family members get angry at the maid. Kavya also joins them and Geeta tells her that they aren’t letting me asleep. Then Kavaya uses that I know why are you doing this.


You guys have planned to through this method out of the house so that I can start working in the kitchen. After this Paritosh and Samar, both stop Kvaya and tells her not to say any word against our other, Then Anu tells her to not drag bullshit things and I don’t even want to get involved in any argument with you so you must keep quiet. Then Anu says that “we don’t have any issue with Geetha nut the simple thing is ‘she can sleep somewhere else as Baa and Bau Ji sits here and this might be uncomfortable for Geeta only.

While this behavior of her will not going to be tolerated at all. But Kavya isn’t ready to understand anything and she stuck to her point by saying that Geeta will not be going to change her habits and if someone has an issue with her then they can change their way and ignore her as well. Later Vanraj also comes there and he tells Kavya to not say anything in front of Geeta as she made and heer is a thin line between outsiders and housemates.

But Kavya is still in Anger she isn’t ready to listen, anyone. Then Anupama uses to handle the situation but Kvaya os getting irritated and frustrated hence this lead to a heated argument between them. Then Vanraj says that If kinjal can handle the house holed works being a boss then why can’t you. It means that you can’t want to get involved in the household work.

Then Vanaraj also tells Kvafaya that after this you will be going to take care of any breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Thana Kavya says that I will not be going to do this and you must not accept this time as I don’t have time for your breakfast, lunch or dinner/ Then Geeta comes there and she says I’m leaving this house and can’t work here. The episode ends.

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