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Anupama, 23 July 2021, Written Update, Anupama placed these 2 big conditions in front of Vanraj!


The episode begins with Smara si dragging Pakhi to go and say sorry to Anu maa. But she is denying it and she falls on the floor meanwhile Toshu enters and he uses to gets angry at Samar. Then they both get involved in heated arguments. They even use to hit each other. During their fight, Babu Ji reaches there and he gets tensed seeing them fighting.


Later we will go to see that Kavya is preparing breakfast Anu comes other she tells her that breakfast is ready. Meanwhile, Pakhi also comes there, she gets happy to see her breakfast. Then Anu gives Pakhi medicine for the stomach but she denies take it. Abu gets hurt seeing her reactions. Later Anu goes to Vnaraj and tells him to talk to Pakhi once. Samar also comes there with the templates designs. Mama Ji notices the words on the pamphlet are written in the wrong way.

But Vanraj tells them this is done by him intentionally so that people can take their attention to the pamphlet. After this, we will see that there is a pamphlet on the floor and  Vanraj moves ‘forward to pick it and he gets hurt seeing it. Then Anu motivates him a lot by giving him the best example. Then Vanraj goes into the market and he started to distribute these pamphlets to the people. Everyone in the family shock to see him doing such things. They feel bad for him and reminders how he used to stay like a boss and what is he doing today is unavailable.

Later Kavya also comes there and she remains stunned by Vanraj distributing pamphlets. And she chooses to leave from there. But Anu will be seen helping Vanraj in distributing those pamphlets. Meanwhile, Rakhi comes there with one of her friends and they notice Anu and Vanraj. Rakhi feels shy and wonders, “Kinjal isn’t live with them and she is in the office otherwise she is also doing the same.” And the episode ends here.

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