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Anupama, 21st June 2021, Written Update, Anupma Pay For Vanraj Expanse!


Hello readers, as we were promised you that we will back on Monday with the written update of the serial “Anupama” of 21st June 2021. So here we are with the written update of today’s episode, the serial is already portraying a high voltage drama, and the entry of Kavya’s maid Geeta making it more interesting to watch. One after another Kavya is plotting many conspiracies in order to irritate Anupama and Vanraj’s family. Anupama is firmly foiling her every move, Let’s see what new is going to watch in today’s episode.


The serial starts with Baa who is keeping an eye on Geeta with her binocular as Kavya give all the responsibilities of the house to Geeta and Baa do not have trust in the maid and she thinks she will moot their house belongings and will escape. Baa watches that Geeta is pouring the entire box of detergent powder into the washing machine and then Baa runs towards her and scolds her that with this amount of power she can wash the clothes of entire house members.

Baa gives her two spoons of detergent and asks her to wash all the clothes with this and taunts her by saying that Kavya did not bring this powder in her dowry. Geeta gets frustrated and thinks she can not work like this with the interference of Baa and she have to discuss with Kavya and asks her to split their share. On the other side, Nandini fixes the tube light in the dance academy and says why you did not call an electrician for this.

Samar says I had called the electrician but he was asking 2000 rupees just for this and then Nandini falls from there and Samar catches her and both have a moment. She pushes him and says let me do the work. Samar says he is worried for Anupama as Kavya is creating a lot of problems in her life. Nandini says even she is very much worried about her and scared with the thought of living with Kavya in the same house after marriage.

Samar says I have a solution to this problem and Nandini excitedly asks what and then he says they will work hard and then buy their own home where Bapuji, Baa, Kinjal, Toshu, Pakhi, mummy, and the rest of the members will stay happy and then they will not see the drama of Kavya and her face too. Nandini says ok we will do it for sure. The episode ends here, watch this astonishing episode of “Anupama” on the Star Plus channel at 10:00 PM and stay tuned with us for more such updates.

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