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Anupama, 21st July 2021, Written Update, Anupama Become Chef and Vanraj Waiter!


The episode begins with Pakhi as she says to Kavya that Anupama is helpful. Kavya says to her that she is with her and will help her too. Pakhi tells Vanraj that Kavya should be here only as she needs her. Anupama sees all this and feels bad. Vanraj and Anupama go to their workplaces. Anupama wishes Vanraj luck for the day. Vanraj expresses his feelings to Anupama saying that he is feeling hesitant as he has always done his job and is now unable to understand how to do business. Anupama says to him that if he forgot Gujrati are born businessmen. They both laugh.


On the other hand, Leela notices that Pakhi is not listening to her just like Kavya and decides to teach them a lesson soon. In the academy, Anupama and Samar are giving training to their students. While Vanraj is waiting for the customers. Anupama notices that and asks Samar if he informed her friends to visit the cafe. He says to her that he texted to all. Meanwhile, one customer comes to the cafe. On the other hand, Pakhi’s friend comes to Shah’s house and Kavya greets them. Pakhi’s friend asks her why is she not learning dance from Anupama as she is a dance teacher.

Pakhi replies to them that Anupama is busy and has no time for her. There, Vanraj is worried about his cafe and thinks about whether it will run properly or not. He thinks what if Kavya’s prediction will come true. Anupama also tries to send customers to Vanraj’s cafe. At the house, Pakhi’s friends are enjoying so Leela comes there and asks Kavya to prepare something for Pakhi’s friends as they must be tired. On the other side, Jignesh collects the order for burgers but in hurry, he forgot to note down the address of delivery.

Jignesh says sorry to Vanraj for his mistake. Vanraj says to him that there is no need to say sorry. He says that the delivery man will about to come so he will tell the address. Vanraj and Jignesh are waiting for the delivery man. They get happy when the delivery man reaches there and gives the money in return for delivery. Vanraj gives the money to Anupama to keep it safe. Samar and Anupama get angry when they learn that Kavya ordered the food. Here, Pakhi’s friends didn’t finish the food, and when Anupama asks Pakhi what will they do with this food. Pakhi replies to her eat it or throw it, it’s up to them. Everyone gets shocked hearing her. Don’t miss watching the latest episode of “Anupama” on Star Plus at 10 PM.

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