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Anupama 20th December 2021 full episode written update: KAVYA PREGNANT


Anupama 20th December 2021 full episode written update: KAVYA PREGNANT: Today’s episode commences with Anupama as she complaints Anuj and says that she is not upset because he hides about Malvika from her but she is upset with him because he didn’t find her worthy to share his personal life with her. She says to him that she shared everything with him but he never shared anything with her. Anuj tries to defend herself. Anupama says that Devika always says that pain and happiness are equally shared in friendship Anuj tries to talk to Anupama but Malvika comes there and takes him with her. GK says sorry to Jignesh, Hasmukh, and Leela that he didn’t tell them about Malvika. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com


Leela says to him that Anuj has a sister and they don’t know about her. Paritosh and Hasmukh say that there is something that is not normal due to which Anuj hid about Malvika. GK stands shocked. Anuj makes Malvika eat. He praises the food made by Anupam but later, changed the talk. Vanraj questions Anupama why is she scared? Anupama says that she is not scared but is upset with Anuj because he didn’t share about Malvika. Kavya sees Vanraj talking to Anjupama. Meanwhile, Malvika insists Anuj go home now.

Anuj says that the party is still going on. Malvika tells him to let everyone enjoy the party and they should leave now. Anuj asks Anupama how will she come home. Anupama says that Samar will drop her. After that, Kavya manipulates Anupama about Anuj stating that he left her alone at the party. Anupama tells Kavya to focus on her life. Kavya asks Anupama now where will she go because Malvika has come now. Shah’s family is talking about Malvika and thinks about why Anuj hide about Malvika from them.

Pakhi finds Malvika on social media and reads about her. Here, Anuj, GK, and Malvika are talking about the past and get teary. Later, Anuj is waiting for Anupama. GK tells Anuj not to worry as she will come soon. Kavya asks Vanraj strictly not to share anything regarding his personal life with Malvika. She says that Vanraj might be fallen in love with Malvika. Vanraj denies it and adds that now his focus is only on work. He says that he is unstoppable. Anuj comes to meet Anupama at her place. Malvika asks GK about Anuj that if he with her Anupama. Anuj questions Anupama for not returning to his house. Watch the full episode of “Anupama” on Star Plus at 10 pm.

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