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Anupama, 2 September 2021, Written Update, Vanraj praises Anupama, Devika and Kavya quarrel!


Here we are with the written episode update of “Anupama”, The episode begins with Anu is ready and she is looking fabulous. Then she reminds me of her days when he went out with her friends but this was a bad memory. Then a lady says that you are now changed and successful. Then Kavya also comes to her and says that ‘She is looking like she is going to meet someone special.” Vanraj tells her to shut up. Then she uses to keep on taunting Anu then the seat of the family members will beseen supporting Anu.


Devika and Kavya involve in a heated argument after which Anu decides that she will not be going to attend any party and say “I want to stay at home”. Then Vanraj tells her not to do so and she must go and attend a party. After this, Kavya feels jealous and she asks Vanraj “why he is supporting his ex-wife, it means he has feelings for her.” But Vanraj tells her to keep her mouth shut and don’t say a single word now. But Kavya keeps on asking him the same question.

Then Kavya says to Vanraj that “if Anu will get a friend in the future then he will going to feel a lot of jealous and it will be intolerable for him.” She also shows him a pic of Anu and Devika, Vanraj feels jealous of reading comments from boys on her.  On the other side, we will see that Devika asks Anu why doesn’t she share her problems with me? Then Anu tells her that “which is fine let it gone.” Devika asks her for a promise that “if something is going to happen wrong to her she will definitely come to tell me.” Anu promises Devika for this.

Devika and Anu reached a party and they are stunned to see a party decoration. Everyone gets super happy to see Anu there at a party. Her friends use to compliments her a lot and they all compliment her for her look. Then they wait for the person who organized the party. On the other hand, Devika also tells her that there is a man who was used to be like you and he is the one who organized this party. After their Anuj Kapadia enters a party. And Anuj and Anu will be seen together and the episode ends here.

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