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Anupama 18th September 2021 Written Update: Anupama reached Anuj’s office for the first time!


Anupama 18th September 2021 Written Update: The weekend is here and you must be worried about the telecast of your favourite serial. But don’t worry, the serials are still carrying one episode in their bag and here we are present with the written update of one of the serials. In the article, we are sharing the written update of the daily soap “Anupama“. The current track of the story is quite interesting to watch as, despite the objection of Baa, Toshu and Vanraj, Anupama accept the project proposal of Anuj Kapadiya. Her friend Devika has a big hand and for the first time, she is going against Baa and taking a decision for her carrier. Vanraj decides that he will not let her Anupama join the business of AK but Anupama decides that she will do it. Let’s what next is going to happen in Shah’s house.


Written Update Of Anupama Of 18th September 2021

In the promo, Anupama is talking to Baa who is angry with the decision of Anupama and asking her to change her decision. But this time Anupama is not in a mood to give up as she is saying that even pickle can’t stay for 26 years then how can we imagine that this thought will stay long. She further says I can’t understand I should laugh or cry at this kind of thought.

Kavya shouts at Anupama and says do whatever you want to do but V said no to you it means that you will not be going to accept this partnership. Anupama asks her to shut her mouth. Anupama says why you all are not able to digest the fact that this Anupama can do anything and I am capable of doing something. It may also happen that my ability has been shown to your AK.

Vanraj says he has not watched your ability in fact he is doing a favour on you. Anupama says if it is like that then it’s fine. It is better to take the favour from the outside instead of getting insulted by the family members of the house. With this favour, I am able to help other women like me than I always admire this favour for my entire life. Vanraj says least open your eyes and watch what he is doing behind this favour. Anupama asks what he is doing, Is he married and having an affair or he is being a father of three children but still having a girlfriend. That’s all for today we will be back on Monday with the next written update of the serial. Till then watch this episode of “Aupama” on the Star Plus channel at 10:00 PM and stay tuned with us.
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