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Anupama 18th June 2021 full episode written update: Kavya New Plan, Vanraj Face Health Issues!


The episode begins with Kavaya comes home and she wished good morning to Vanraj, he asks her why didn’t she pick up his calls. Kavya tells him that she was in the meeting so she couldn’t reply. After this Vnaraj ask her to give him a cup of tea but she refuses to make tea by saying that “I can’t as I’m so tired hence you better take it on your own.”


Then Baa tells that what kind of lady are you who can’t even make a cup of tea for her husband. This catches fire, both Kavya and Baa involves in a heated argument. Vanraj shouts at them and tells them to stay quiet. Later Kavya tells Vanraj that all this happens due to household work so we must hire a maid. After this Anupama says that I’m here to take care of Baa, Bau Ji, and the children. She also tells them to continue their argument in their room as this is not the right place and time to talk about their personal issues.

Then Anupama says that we don’t need any maid as I will manage everything. But Rakhi interrupted her and says Kinjal will also going to face problems so I think this has needed a maid. If you aren’t able to pay her fee then I will be going to pat her. Kinjal stops her mither and says her to stay quiet and Anu Maa and I will manage all the household work. Later Anupama overhears Baa and then she makes her calm. She tells Baa that things will take time and everything will be sorted soon.

Later Vanraj and Kavya discuss the jb and they try to sort their argument. Vanraj asks her don’t you going to ask how my interview was. Then Kavya asks him about this. After this Kvaya uses to think that Vanraj is so weak and why didn’t he is trying his best to get a good job. And the episode ends here. Stay tuned to get updates on the upcoming episodes.

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