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Anupama, 16th April 2021, written update: Kavya New Plain Samar Kinjal Pakhi Nandini


The episode begins with Anupama as she says to Samar that he should show his trophy to everyone. Anupama advises him to do more hard work so that he can achieve more in his life. She says to him that he is a good dancer and now he has to practice more to become the best dancer. Samar nods yes. Anupama tells Samar that he is going to make sweets for him. Samar asks Anupama to perform their Signature step. They both start dancing.


Anupama thinks that Samar is so happy for his success and he will be sad when she told him about divorce. Samar shows his winning trophy to everyone. Samar says to Hasmukh that how his son tries to motivate him. After that, Hasmukh informs Samar about his parent’s picnic. He tells him he was with Bailu and Leela and says that was a real adventure. They both laugh aloud. On the other side, Nandini questions Kavya about her shifting to Vanraj’s house.

Kavya says to Nandini that once she gets married to Vanraj then she will also get Samar and her married. After hearing her, Nandini calls her if she is psycho. Vanraj also comes there and says she is right. Kavya gets irritated with Vanraj when she called her pyscho. He warns Kavya saying that he wants to spend some time with his family so it is good for her to let him do. Kavya says she will go to court with Vanraj so that Vanraj will not change his decision.

Later, Vanraj and Anupama reminisce about their time which they shared together. Pakhi sees her parent’s photo and cries thinking about their divorce. Kinjal comes to her and consoles her. She asks Kinjal why they can’t stop their divorce. Kinjal makes her understand that they should support them. Kinjal says to her that she also wants that supports her mother and father. Pakhi agrees and cries. Kinjal says to her that he mom is fighting for her self-respect so she has to support her.

They both hug each other and Pakhi says she won’t lose her hope. On the other hand, Anupama is the baking cake for Samar’s success. Hasmukh comes to the kitchen and tells Anupama that Samar tells him that Vanraj helps him to win the competition by motivating him. She says but their differences haven’t finished. Hasmukh leaves thinking Anupama will leave the house soon.

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