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Anupama, 14th May 2021, Written Update, Vanraj Special Offer For Anupama!


The episode begins with Anupama as she asks Vanraj if he supports her. Anu leaves from there. Everyone gets shocked to see her along with Vanraj. Anupama tells him to come with her. On the other hand, Kavya and Nandini talk to each other about Anupama. Kavya says to her that she feels poor for Anu and can’t see her so sad. Vanraj and Anu recalling the time which they shared with each other. Vanraj wants to stop Anupama from going the court but can’t able to say to her.


Anupama listens to Vanraj’s heart and stops but she notices Kavya there and walks away from there. Leela notices the time in the watch and says that Anupamas enters the same time when she got married to Vanraj. Everyone gets emotional. Vanraj and Anupama leave from there for the court. Leela starts crying loud saying that today her family will break. Leela’s daughter tries to console her. She says that now only a miracle can stop his family from breaking up. Everyone gets upset and tries to console each other.

On the other side, Vanraj says to Anupama if she wants to drive the car. She refuses and says that she longs to end this journey in the same way as she commenced. She says that she came to this house in the car. They both reminisce their lovely moments with each other. Hasmukh comes there and asks Leela that why she is upset even when she didn’t like Anupama. She says that now she started loving her so she is leaving her. Hasmukh consoles her saying she should believe in god. He says to her that she needs to be strong. Nandini and Kavya get stunned to hear them.

In the next scene, Anupama gets a call from her lawyer. She asks him if she gets the divorce today. He says to her that she has to say to the judge that she wants a divorce from Vanraj at any cost. After that, Pakhi tells everyone that Leela is going to meet Kavya, they get tensed, if they start fighting with each other. Leela questions her if she allows them to meet Anupama. Kavya says to her that she is not that bad as she thinks. She tells her that she can’t take Anupama’s place, she should make her own place in this family. Anupama and Vanraj’s car escaped from the accident. Kavya eagerly waiting to see the divorce papers.


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