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Anupama 13th May 2021 written update: Anupama & Vanraj to Cancel Divorce!


The episode commences with Anupama as she says that she couldn’t answer Vanraj last night. She says today she will answer him. Anupama asks everyone to gather in the hall. She says to them that when Vanraj started his relationship with Kavya, that time he didn’t think about the family’s emotions then why he is expressing his concern for the family now. She tells him not to try to emotionally blackmail take the children as their children are all growing up and know very well how to take care of themselves.


Anupama 13th May 2021

Anupama says that how many times she tried to forget everything but never able to do that because every time she reminisces the time when she saw Vanraj and Kavya together on her bed. She gets very emotional and says that they are going to the court at 7 and everyone gets stunned to hear her along with Vanraj. Kavya warns  Vanraj saying if he does anything inappropriate then she will show her anger. She adds that she gave so much love to him but it will not be good for him if he turns back now.

After that, Kavya makes a call to Anirudh and tells him about the divorce. She says to him to reach the court on time as now they are going to be divorced too. Vanraj and Anupama get ready while remembering each other’s lovely moments. Suddenly, Anupama’s saree got stuck in a watch which belongs to Vanraj when she is about to go outside but she goes from there. Vanraj comes there and takes it and keeps it with him. Anupama goes to Leela and takes her blessings. They both get emotional.

Pakhi also hugs Anupama emotionally. All reminisce their moments with each other. Suddenly, Anupama faints when she is about to go to the court along with Vanraj. Everyone gets worried to see her. Vanraj reprimands her for her irresponsible behavior. Leela says to him that it is not the right time to scold her, take her to the hospital. Vanraj tells Samar to call the doctor. Everyone takes her to the room. Anupama still asks to go to the court but everyone tries to stop her. She says to everyone, don’t try to stop her. Dolly asks if she faints again. She says that Vanraj will handle her.

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