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Anupama 13th March 2021 Episode Written Update: Vanraj Opened His Third Eye!


We are back with the written update of the Star Plus serial named “Anupama”. The episode begins with Samar as he says to Nandini to sit next to Anupama and he takes his seat next to Vanraj. Vanraj says Jai Mahakal angrily. Anupama reminisces Nandin and Samar’s talk. Rakhi asks Nandini that when she reaches here. Vanraj ties auspicious thread angrily when Leela asks him to tie it. Anupama comes there and asks Vanraj to calm down. Vanraj ties the thread to Nandini when Rakhi moves Nandini’s hand towards Vanraj.

Anupama 13th March Written Update

Later, Dolly comes to Leela and says are Nandini and Samar going mad. Leela says to her that nowadays children don’t like to listen to their parents. Vanraj distributed Prasad to everyone except Samar and Nandini. After that Samar, Paritosh, Anupama, and Nandini dance together on the song. Rakhi thinks when Vanraj and Samar’s cold wars will turn into the actual fight. After the dance performance, Nandini and Samar go to take Vanraj’s blessings but he moves back. Vanraj asks them to leave the house.

Samar refuses to go from the house and says to Vanraj that he won’t go from this house as this house belongs to his mother. Samar says that he also get hurt when he came here along with Kavya. Anupama gets angry and scolds him to behave rudely with his dad. She asks him if he forgets that what his father did for this Shah house. She adds that he is the one who is creating the drama by came here with Nandini as he very well knows that Shivratri is how important to his father.

Paritosh stops his wife when he was about to interfere in the whole matter and also Anupama asks Kinjal to not speak between the elders. Anupama asks Samar to say sorry to his dad. Samar says to Anupama that he is ready to apologize but he wants to know that when Vanraj has left this house and staying with Kavya then from which right, he is interfering in our house matters. Vanraj leaves from there angrily. Later, everyone will get shocked when they Vanraj near Samar. Watch the full episode of “Anupama” on Star Plus at 10 PM. Stay tuned with us.

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