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Anupama 10th June 2021 Written Episode Update: New life of Anupama-Anirudh after LEAP


Good afternoon readers, we are back with the written update of the most beloved serial “Anupama” of 10th June 2021. The storyline of the serial is highly liked by the audience and they love to watch their drama. After the divorce of Anupama and Vanraj, Vanraj is constantly helping Anupama and taking care of her and Kavya is not liking his behavior at all. She is trying to take away Vanraj on a honeymoon and that’s why she asked Anupama to get well soon. Let’ see what new is going to be featured in today’s episode.


The episode Begins with Kinjal who is talking to Dolly and Pakhi that she will be going to make mango chutney and for that she is taking the help mom’s recipe. Pakhi excitedly says ok then I will make sweets for her. Toshu mocking on Pakhi. Kavya comes there and hears their conversation and says she will also make special food for Vanraj and if you guys do not want to eat Thepla and Chutney and want to have some tasty food you can join us. Then Kavya shows a cake to Vanraj and also informs him that she made a special and delicious dinner for both of us.

Vanraj gets angry at her and asks her to show the direction at least as she has darkened the room. Kavya gets hurt and says instead of showing love he is shouting at her. She further says she has made a lot of effort for this surprise and made many arrangements only for him but instead of appreciation, he is getting angry at her. Vanraj says sorry to her and even Kavya says sorry to him for hurting his family and tells him that she feels very bad that he goes to his former wife without informing her. Kavya further says is she deserves this kind of behavior?

Vanraj says no and then both hug each other and Kavya says only Vanraj is her family. On the other side, Bapuji examined the preparation of the food which the family members specially made for Anupama, and after watching the preparation he says it’s good that Baa is not here otherwise she would have surely spoil this plan. Pakhi gives shrikhand to Anu and Anu has it and praises them. Everyone praises Pakhi for making the Srikhand and gave her gifts. Anupama says she doesn’t have anything to gift her and in this reply, Pakhi says I just only want one promise that you will never leave me alone. The episodes end here we will soon back with another update

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