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Antipolo Church Alay Lakad 2022 Walk Tour Philippines


Antipolo Church Alay Lakad 2022 Walk Tour Philippines: A piece of news is coming into the headlines from Antipolo city that Alay Lakad on Holy Thursday is prohibited. Yes, the news is in the highlights these days. There are several people who have been reacting to the news. The Antipolo Police are also showing their strictness towards the matter. The news has also been surfacing all over the internet. The netizens are also showing their curiosity to know the exact matter. In this article, we are going to share all details about the matter so stay tuned. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Antipolo Church Alay Lakad 2022

Antipolo Church Alay Lakad 2022

As per the sources, Police and local government authorities will be strict in applying for peace and order in Antipolo City as thousands of people are supposed to converge here as part of their observance of Holy Week. The chief of police of Antipolo, Lt. Col. June Paolo Abrazado told Manila Bulletin that police personnel is being raised by the so-called force multipliers, the city government’s Office of the Public Safety and Security, members of the socio-civic volunteer group, and village watchmen to make sure the safety of the people who will troop to the Antipolo cathedral for their yearly pilgrimage and devotion in the course of this Lenten season.

Abrazado said that mass gatherings that also include the so-called Alay Lakad are prohibited to make sure the health and safety rules mandated by the govt. won’t be compromised. However, the church started activities are allowed especially now that the city is under Alert level 1 status, police personnel has been instructed to ensure the health and safety measure against the possible spread of the Covid-19 will be practiced by reminding people on regular basis on social distancing and wearing the face mask in a proper manner.

Many other religious sites including White Cross, a prayer sanctuary that is normally a favorite site of pilgrims in the course of Holy Week, have been shut to the public. Police are keeping reminding the citizens to be aware of their safety. It has been reported that lent and summer-related activities including Maytime and Alay Lakad won’t be allowed this time to make sure the health and safety of people as these activities attract a crowd. The public has been asked to be vaccinated properly against the Covid-19.

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