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Where Is Anthony Borges Now, Parkland Shooting Hero – Injury Recovery


Where Is Anthony Borges Now, Parkland Shooting Hero – Injury Recovery: Netizens are seeking the health condition updates of the hero of the shooting incident at the Florida School on 14th February 2018. Anthony Borges is that person who saved more than 20 lives in the shooting incident from that point he has become the hero of the mass public in Parkland, his courage and bravery made him star but people are eager to know where he is right now? Is he recovered? and what he is doing nowadays? so read this article to read on the brave boy Anthony Borges as in this article we have imperative info regarding his current status. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Anthony Borges

Where Is Anthony Borges Now?

In that tragic incident, Anthony was shot five times in which many students and teachers died in an onslaught of violence. He was just 15 years old at that moment but he put his age numbers behind him and did what many adults could not do at that time. Later he spent many days in the hospital where he fought for his life. But by the grace of God, he survived his injury and became the survivor of the Parkland shooting, netizens are seeking his current life status and health condition status on the web, and here is the answer to their question that is he is fit and fine and currently doing his schooling and studying by taking online classes from home and online learning is the safest environment for the students said, Anthony Borges.

And he also hangs up with his close friends whenever he gets free time to spare with them. After the shooting violence in the school things have been changed in his life as his body requires routine treatment because he was shot five times in the lungs, legs, and abdomen according to the report and the wounds have been healed but he is still haunted by post-traumatic stress disorder and this routine therapy require a large sum of money.

Currently, Anthony Borges has become a 19 years old boy and he was of 15 years at the time of shooting violence in his school. But the correct numbers on his age and date of birth are yet to come. It is also known that before Parkland he was living in Venezuela but for a better quality of the study, his family moved to Parkland. He is a young boy and might also have a girlfriend but her name is not known for now. Stay tuned for more details.

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