Home News Is Anthony Borges Dead or Alive? Death Hoax Explained

Is Anthony Borges Dead or Alive? Death Hoax Explained


Is Anthony Borges Dead or Alive? Death Hoax Explained: Anthony Borges, the hero who saved 20 teammates in the Parkland shooting. The criminal of the Holocaust Nicolas Cruz tried to pass through the door but the young Borges had blocked his way through his body. The feat earned him five shots and he is now admitted to the hospital. The guy named is Anthony Borges, a 15-year-old Venezuelan who was among those injured in the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who saves the lives of her classmates. Criminal of the Holocaust, Nicolas Cruz tried to pass through the door but the young Borges physically blocked his way. The feat got five shots and he is now in the hospital. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Anthony Borges Dead

Is Anthony Borges Dead or Alive?

His 20 teammates were survived. This is called the best friendship. Carlos Rodriguez told Good Morning America. At that moment, Borges has the guts to take a step forward and close the door. He was getting the five-shot bullets in the back and legs, and still, he continued to support the door with his own weight in this severe condition. If anyone is in his position, then no one thinks to protect the other people. In fact, he protects himself. But in this scenario, Borges has the chance to save other people’s lives and caught the criminal. Salute to this Brave Guy.

We don’t know what to do, Rodriguez explained He took the initiative to risk our lives to save others. Borges father named Royer received a call from his son shortly. During the call, he told to his father that he had been shot. According to his family, they say that he had some major injuries in his both legs, a bullet went through his back and shattered the upper part of his femur. One reporter asks his father what is he talking about in the call. Father replied when I was talking to him, he was on the ground and he just got shot.

On Sunday, local police visited the hospital and asks some questions, Borges. They tweeted that luckily, he is recovering from the injuries that he got. His body is improving in terms of injuries. But he has a long way to go and will require multiple surgeries which cost a huge amount of money. To cover up the costs, the Borges family launched a GoFundMe campaign. In this campaign, anyone and anybody donates some amount to recover him quickly.  The sooner it was, the better results we see. Currently, they raised an amount of $300,000. If you want to donate to him for his best work then you can donate also.

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